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Miruna Popescu has a background in classical music and piano performance, and achieved her bachelor’s degree from the University of Aberdeen in 2021. In Aberdeen she was involved in the university’s Symphony and Chamber orchestra where she played violin and had the chance to tour with the Chamber orchestra in Prague during the Summer of 2018. She went on to gain a Masters of Science in Music Industries from The University of Glasgow in December 2022 where she gained a more critical understanding about popular music within the industries. 

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More about Her

Miruna is also a booker and promoter based in Glasgow, working for the venue Broadcast and company PCL. She also hosts her own local band nights at McChuills once a week under the name of Dirty Laundry Thursdays to support local, grass roots bands. 


Miruna is currently working on a few extra side projects which involve co-writing and producing music with her band mate as well as starting up her own independent label alongside her colleagues. The company will aim to support independent bands with promotion, distribution and music law. 


Miruna hopes to continue her classical music journey while also venturing into other genres of music through business and performance.

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